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EnerGen SOLUTIONS LIMITED is a start-up venture borne out of the passionate need to address the critical need of the hour in the Oil and Gas industry, to generate value through a Strategic Approach to Operational Efficiency and Improved Safety.

EnerGen Solutions is a UK based offshore solutions provider for the global . EnerGen draws on the skillsets and expertise of its primary resource, its people who have a special focus on the best practices in technical asset management gained from over 15 years of high skilled experience in some of the largest offshore drilling contractors. This aspect combined with the core competences of business process re-engineering, strategic supply chain management and procurement , Six Sigma & Kaizen approaches problem solving and change management gained from 15 plus years in senior management in some of the most successful MNCs and Fortune 500 companies. In these times of increased demands on safety of life & property, stringent environmental regulations, a depressed market and unprecedented pressure on operational costs, EnerGen is a reliable partner for Oil & Gas asset owners, operators and oil majors to achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective manner and propel them in to a successful future.

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