Federacja Pizzy Hawajskiej

2020/06/08 7:22:52 AM UTC

tell me how incorrect this is:
by writing more efficient software that can run on weaker more power efficient hardware, we can help decrease many individuals' carbon footprint, thus making a greater change than by changing our tooth brushing habits

2020/06/08 7:32:14 AM UTC

@michcio how does changing our toothbrushing habits help with the environment?

2020/06/08 7:44:00 AM UTC

@meow don't you know the most common tip for "helping the climate" is to turn the water tap off while you're brushing?

2020/06/08 8:36:11 AM UTC

@michcio Depends on the software (and how widely used it is, especially) but this is generally right.

2020/06/08 8:38:26 AM UTC

@michcio Also if you write something widely used, make it as small as possible.

Of course, this is all also just poking at the margins, and we need systemic change.

2020/06/08 9:09:41 AM UTC

@michcio it's also great for our powerful hardware - your applications don't run in a vacuum, they're multitasking with other applications.

The more efficient your programs the more you can run on the machine!

2020/06/08 11:41:45 AM UTC

@michcio oh, i that's not necessarily related to toothbrushing habits, more tap water usage i'd say :/

2020/06/08 11:55:01 AM UTC

@meow i kind of think that leaving the tap running while toothbrushing is a toothbrushing habit, but fair